Getting on with January Tasks

Before the end of the month I need to make sure I am top of my January tasks for the month.  Top of the list for this weekend is to improve my soil quality.  Last year I extended my main bed by removing turf.  I didn’t add any goodness back into the soil at that time and my leeks and sprouts really suffered (although the sprouts where also at war with slugs at the time).

I have also had 2 years of growing out of my raised beds and last years crops were not as strong as the previous year.  So I think it is time I give something back.

I have found a really good article on the RHS website which gives great advice on double digging and have added a guide to double digging to the tasks page on this site.

It looks like it will require a bit off effort but I hope to reap the rewards later in the year.

It is best to show how to complete these short of tasks, rather than create my own video, I have found a good video on YouTube, published by learn how to garden.  YouTube is normally the first place I go to learn new skills.

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