Spring has started

Spring is here and with it comes a lot of work.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been preparing and, now I have my greenhouse up, I have started to sow some seeds.  The weather is still unpredictable with frosts every other day but hitting highs of 14 Degrees Celsius outside and up to 40 in the greenhouse.  Having the greenhouse is great as I can start my growing season a couple of weeks earlier but it does mean I have to check my plants every day to make sure they remain moist and not dry out.

So far I have started off my first crop of lettuce (iceberg and little gem) as well as peas.  I have also given my opinion bulb and garlic a head start by popping them into composts under the cover of the greenhouse.  I have also started off some flowers; i am not concentrating on flowers this year, but this is my back garden so I need to make sure it looks nice as well as provide me veg.

It has been really good having the space in the greenhouse to work.  In previous years I have used small, cheap plastic greenhouses which cost £40 but last less than a year or until a strong wind comes along.  You cannot work in them and are normally poorly ventilated.  This year I have been able to get out of the wind and rain to work, and even if it is cold outside, the greenhouse is normally slightly warmer.

I have also been working on clearing the beds of weeds and added a new raised bed.  Spending £28 on wood to create the raised bed and another £36 on 540L of compost I have a great new bed which has enabled me to start crop rotation this year.

The good weather has also brought an added bonus to my gardening, my family comes out to join me in the garden.  They have been reluctant to come out with the temperature near 0 and in the wind and rain, but with the improving weather, I now have company.

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