Cool breeze off the North Sea


Over recent weeks we have had several weekends of glorious sunshine leading to the familiar sounds of lawn mowers cutting lawns across our estate.  Unfortunately, this weekend is not one of them.

Living near the east coast of the UK has its benefits; we get a reasonable amount of rain unlike those who live over in the west and we seem to get over our fair share of sunny days each year.  However, until high pressure builds over the atlantic brining hot air with it, we tend to be on the receiving end of freezing winds from the north sea and Russia.  Today is one of those days and I have retreated into my house to keep out of the wind.

Despite the cold I have managed to sow a row of carrots ready for an early harvest later in the year.  I have chosen to stagger my carrot growing so I get a constant fresh supply followed by a glut before the season has finished.  I will be looking to buy a chest freezer later in the year ready to store my crop.  Carrots store well and I want to see if I can get through winter without buying any.

I have also put in a row of parsnips.  These have grown well in previous years so I am hoping for a repeat performance.  I have started my onion sets off in the greenhouse and will get my shallots in the ground tomorrow morning.

Despite the cold wind, it is nice to be getting things into the ground.

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