High winds and a frost.

Last weekend brought high winds and cold air; luckily, other than a few things being blown around the garden, I didn’t suffer any damage and my greenhouse stood up well to its first storm.  The bad weather did not stop some garden activity as I was able to shelter under the glass in relative warmth and out of the wind.  Last weekend saw the next batches of seeds sown from cucumbers to runner beans.  With the added protected growing space offered this year may result in more plants than I can handle in my garden so I expect some friends and family will get some plants for their own gardens.

This Easter weekend hasn’t been as productive as I would have liked due to picking up a cold from my daughter who kindly brought it home from nursery and being Easter, time has been spent with family and taking the children out.  Later to day we will be visiting Felbrigg Farm to see the lambs along with my friends family who share the same aspiration of making a living from a small holding.

This morning has seen a frost come down overnight and my greenhouse looks frozen.  I will need to invest in some insulation and heating, although this may have to wait until next year now as I need to spend my cash on compost.  I had forgotten to cover some of my seedlings last night and I am worried about what I may find when I go out there later.  Hopefully I have managed to get away with it but I had better get back in the habit of covering the seedlings back up each night while the risk of frost remains.

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