Lambing season


The great thing about living in Norfolk is being surrounded by old stately homes and their land.  Most are now owned by the National Trust but a few remain in private hands or have been turned into hotels.

Last weekend saw the working farm at Felbrigg Hall open to the public for its Lambing season and, thanks to an invite from a friend, we took our families to see new live spring into the world.  A reasonable price of £10 for the family let us explore the farm and watch the farmers care for the sheep and recently arrived lambs.  My wife and daughter was able to hold a lamb only a few hours old and also held Turkey chicks.

Unfortunately I am not able to have any livestock or poultry at home so I am going to have to make do with growing vegetables but visiting the farm did give me a glimpse at a future I would like.  There is something very satisfying about producing food.  In the last couple of years there have been a few weeks where all the veg on our plates have come from my garden, maybe one day, the meat will have come from my own land too.

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