A Mixed Bag


So far this year things are a bit of a mixed bag.  I have had some great successes but had some terrible failures.  At least it is early enough to try and fix some of the problems I have been having.

The weather has not been amazingly helpful so far this year.  The days have been seriously hot for this time of year making the greenhouse into an oven.  My plants have loved it (as long as I make sure I water in the morning and at night) but the nights are cold; too cold to put sensitive plants like tomatoes outside.  My greenhouse is filling up.

My Garlic has not done well.  I think I was too late planting them out in February and will aim for Nov to Jan for next years crop.  On the other hand, my red onion and peas are doing really well.  Although, I am slightly worried my onions will bolt due to the warm weather.  I’m going to have to keep an eye on them.  My sprouts also succumbed to the heat in the greenhouse.

The re-sown cucumber, gerkins and courgettes are doing extremely well.  I have not have great success with these in past years but the greenhouse has made a significant difference; so much so I appear to have sown too many plants and will need to think about creating an edible boarder in the garden.

Runner Beans are doing well now I have re-sown them.  It seems like many seeds do not store well once opened.  I hate throwing seeds away so I am thinking of other places to grow even more crops this year.  We are slowly progressing with the land next door to us.  The red line drawings are back with the solicitors and we are waiting for the landowners to suggest a price.  The land is worthless as it is part of the City’s open area plan and cannot be built on.  I hate seeing it go to waste so I am hopeful about getting it for a reasonable price.  Still no word on the allotments, but they normally take years to come through.  I have been eyeing up my front lawn.  The space is almost as big as the rear garden and currently only has flower beds and grass in it.  Its ripe for upgrading to a productive space.  It gets the sun all day so I may put some fruit plants out there.

Unfortunately, I seem to have caught every cold going which is making any landscaping difficult and I have a lack of energy for doing anything for than pottering in the greenhouse.  Hopefully this will pass and I will be able to get back to some serious gardening soon.

Like I said, things are a bit of a mixed bag right now but it is still early in the year; plenty of time to get things right.

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