It’s been a while


It’s been a while since my last blog.  Things have been a bit busy and any free time I have has been directed to DIY and the Garden.  Any time left over is reserved for the family.

Things are very busy at work.  With the integration of health and social care services, my job has grown and takes up most evenings but I have made sure it is not taking over my weekends.

I have been lucky to have picked up a 200m2 allotment just a mile away from my home.  It is overgrown and needs load of work to clear it.  I do not expect to get much from it this season but I need to get it cleared ready for the next season.  It is going to take a long time to clear the allotment and I hope to set up an allotment day with some friends and family, followed a BBQ, will help clear a lot over one weekend.

We had been trying to buy some land next to our house.  We had managed to get to the point of an offer but wee have found that the land has planning restrictions and we will struggle to get permission to put up a fence.  Since finding this out we have decide to set back from buying the land and focus on what we already have and the allotment.

The growing season has been good this year.  Our new potatoes have produced well despite picking up blight and our main crop has just starred to die back so I will cut off the tops, leave them for a few days, then lift them and store them in sacks for the rest of the year.

We have had a good crop from most of the veg this year and the tomatoes almost ready for picking.  Our gerkins have done very well this year and we already have 3 jars of pickled jerking and plenty ready to be picked.

The most surprising success this year has been the sweet corn which is now over 2 metres tall and heads of corns are coming through.

Now things are a bit calmer, I hope to catch up on this site and enjoy the fruits of our gardening labour.

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