A Surprisingly Warm December

The East side of England seems to be stuck in autumn despite it being winter.  It should be cold with the threat of snow but it is 14 degrees Celsius in my green house and not much lower outside.  The grass is growing and some flowers and plants are starting to send out new growth very early this year opening them up to the risk of frost damage when the weather does turn.

Despite the risk to the plants that seem to think its spring, the weather does make working in the garden an allotment that little bit more tolerable.  Most of the tasks this time of year are not the most inspiring but needed.  Tidying, cleaning and preparing for next year can go on without the frozen toes and numb fingers.

Other areas of England have not faired so well.  The west and south west have experienced flooding on a large scale with houses, gardens and lives being ruined and I hope they are able to recover quickly.

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