A Wonderful Christmas Day

Christmas Day is upon us again and the food and drink is being eagerly consumed by friends and family.  Christmas time reminds me of why I started this journey, why I am learning to garden and produce my own crops.  Food and drink brings people together, creates a community and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of a years worth of effort being the centre of the festive fun.

I find this time of year an opportunity for reflection and resetting myself ready for the year to come which promise challenge and happiness.

So what have I learnt from this past year? I have learnt to slow down, to enjoy things which I would normally have missed, to bounce back from failure and try again.  I have learnt patience in a world which drives the need to consume at an ever faster pace and to be attentive when things conspire to distract me.  Most of all I have learnt the joy of sharing; of watching people smile when they fill their plates with the food I have grown and the company it has brought together.

It’s a surprising amount to learn from putting a seed in the ground.

Happy Christmas and I hope you have a wonderful New Year.

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