Spring is in the air!


Finally, spring has arrived, or be it the odd day of spring is here.  Frosts still threaten any crops silly enough to raise their heads without adequate cover but when the sun is out you cannot mistake the positive feelings its warmth provides.

A lot has happened since my last post.  A new fence surrounds my home garden giving me a nice new frame to fill.  Our front garden is now surround by a picket fence allowing us to make use of it and gives the children a bigger safe place to roam during the school holidays.   The weekly visits to the garden centre have started, compost has been purchased and the dead plants have been cleared.

March sowing crops have been sown under cover in the greenhouse.  Sprouts for Christmas have been sown, the first crop of lettuce has started to grow and tomato plants are well on their way.  I built a headed propagation bench.  Being the first time I have used these, I have had to sow twice as the combined heat from the sun and the heating wire managed to dry out my tender plants when I was not looking.  You live and learn.

The allotments are coming on well too.  Potatoes are in the ground along with red and white onions at our veg allotment while raspberry canes, strawberries and blackberry’s are finding their roots at our fruit allotment.   Still plenty to do, but things are looking good so far this year.

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