Spring moving into summer

Spring has moved into summer but forgotten to tell the weather. Dark clouds brings rain making gardening far less enjoyable but the plants don’t seem to mind. However, as the days go by we have been treated to glorious sunshine as a promise of the weather to come.
Now the average temperature has improved most of my seeds have germinated and doing well to the point I have had to transfer my Tomato and Pepper plants to larger pots and been able to put some Iceburg Lettuce out into one of the raised beds.
My first crop of Radishes are doing well and will be ready soon, shame my lettuce isn’t ready yet.

Over the past year I have had a love hate relationship with tomato plants. For 2 years I planted my Tomato plants outside but suffered from blight which destroyed most of my crop. My garden is surrounded by trees which didn’t help matters. Since having a greenhouse I have grown them under glass, but they take up so much room and there are other plants I want to grow in there. So this year I am putting up a small polytunnel next to my greenhouse. I’m going to invest in a cheap one this year to see how things go and, if it works, I will get one which will last.

FoxHunter 3M(L) x 2M(W) x 2M(H) Polytunnel Greenhouse Pollytunnel Poly Polly Tunnel Fully Galvanised Anti Rust Steel Frame

Using the polytunnel will let me keep space in the green house for Gherkins and Cucumbers which normally pushed into the corner or wherever I can find a space. So after payday I will order the polytunnel and put it up before the Tomato plants get too big.

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