Harvesting Onions

Today is the first major harvest of this year; onions.  I love to use onions in a lot of my cooking at home.

They cost around £0.16 loose for white onions or £0.21 for a red onion at the local supermarket.  With the ability to store for 2-3 months and to have a crop up to three times a year, these can make good financial sense.  This harvest will help avoid £14.80 of food cost and if I have 3 harvests a year I can avoid a spend of £44.4.  While this does not sound much it will add to the total avoided food cost for the year.  I also like to look at how much I would have had to have earned, taking take into consideration tax, pension payments and national insurance, I would have had to earn a fair bit more to bring home this much money.  It all quickly adds up.

I have grown my red and white onions from sets and they have done really well in my small raised beds in my garden.  In previous years I have planted onions at my allotment; they don’t take too much care so are good to grow in locations away from home.


This year I have been lucky and not had too many bolt or had any suffer from disease.  I have put together a quick guide to growing and harvesting onions which I hope will help anyone new to growing them.  There are also books available which give more information on how to get the best out of your crop.

Growing Garlic, Growing Onions, How To Grow Garlic and Onions, Step by Step Guide (Lifestyle Guides Book 7)

So, once the onions are out of the ground I will dry them out in my shed and store them in net bags in my garage to keep them cool.

To summarise onions, I think they are great definitely worth giving a go if you have not grown them before.

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