Autumn Tidy


With summer behind me and autumn colours setting in, it’s time I had a tidy up in the garden.  A fair amount of plants and veg have either ended or close to ending and starting to die back.  The tomato plants are very close to the end of their productive year and the leaves on my beans have started to turn a nasty brown.

Browning leaves on Dwarf French Beans
Browning leaves on Dwarf French Beans

So, on a very warm autumn day I have cleared out the greenhouse and filled up my garden waste bin with old tomato and cucumber plants which means I can now bring in my strawberry plants and some of my herbs to keep the frost off over winter.

With my greenhouse cleared I have started on my polytunnel.  I had hoped the poly tunnel would help keep blight at bay and protect my tomato plants but it didn’t go to plan.  Blight hit at the end of August and I think it was down to growing too many plants and not having enough airflow through the tunnel.  Next year I will try growing less plants and see how that works out.

I still have a fair amount of tiding to do.  My French beans need to come down and my lettuce is starting to grow out of control but my garden waste bin is full for now and will not be picked up until Tuesday, so a job for later in the week.

Tomato plants at the end of the season
Tomato plants at the end of the season

The allotment also needed a good clear up so headed over and harvested my crop of Butternut Squashes, cleared up the foliage and turned over the soil.  Other than a bit of weeding and checking on my sprouts (looking good for Christmas Day) and cabbage, the allotments looks ready for next year

I’m starting to get into this vlogging, I still have a lot of learning to do and need to get more comfortable in front of the camera, but it will come.

It would be great to start getting some subscribers so if you do take a look, please like and subscribe.

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