Autumn planning

Tidying has been the name of the game so far this autumn and I’ve filled up my garden waste bin several times over.  But now the beds are begging to clear and the soil is turned over, its time to have a think about what I could grow over the winter months.

There are not many plants and vegetables which will do well going in the ground this time of year but there are a few.  Garlic, onions and broad beans are 3 things I intend to grow over winter.

I’ve put a couple of growing guides up on the site if anyone else in interested in giving winter growing a go.  This will be the first time I have grown anything over winter.  My garden normally goes to sleep and I spend the winter longing for spring and summer.  I spend most of the time watching episodes of River Cottage for its idealistic representation of small holding or Sean James Cameron on YouTube for his comforting tones and great little tips on growing.  However, this year I intend on getting some produce from the ground over the cold months.

I am also keen to get some hard landscaping done over winter ready for next year.  I want to widen a few flower beds and also repair or upgrade my veg beds at home.  I need to move the brassica cages at the allotment to allow some crop rotation and help keep down the risk of infections.

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