Hearty warming food

Today has been one of those days when the sun doesn’t shine.  Here in the East of England I doesn’t feel like there has been a sunrise, it just became a lighter shade of grey with persistent rain. 

It’s days like these which make winter a challenge and reminds me how much I like spring and summer.  Despite the gloomy weather winter does offer the opportunity, and perfect excuse, to cook meals which leave you full, satisfied and slightly fatter (or better prepared to deal with the cold).  

What better way to get that full and satisfied feeling than with veg from your own garden or allotment? So this evening I have chucked some left over allotment sprouts, carrots from the garden into a bake along with some pigs in blankets.  

So now I’m sitting here watching Harry potter on the tv feeling full, satisfied and slightly please with myself.

If you’re interested in cooking this dish, especially if you have some sprouts left over, then the recipe is here.

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