Little and Often

We’re finally getting stable(ish) weather and and risk of frost is dropping with each day. With mostly consistent temperatures come better germination rates.  I am concerned some are too far behind now to yield a good crop this year, only time will tell.  I’m still having problems with some seeds and I’ve not seen any more runner beans or peas despite sowing multiple times and using need seed stock.

With the warming temperatures and long sunny days, plants and grass are growing like mad driving a growth in gardening workload. While there is more to do this is what I have been craving for the last 3 month’s….to not be looking at empty beds and watching for any sign of a seedling pushing out of the ground. This is when the hard work starts ready for the payback later in the year. This is what it is all about, seeing your work grow.

I find it hard to commit big blocks of time to the garden. Between work and family I have only a few hours a week to keep on top of things. Little and often is the rule. A bit every evening after work and a bit more at the weekend. If I let a problem grow I may struggle to get the time to fix it so I need to keep to my rule.

I like quick growing crops as well as those which give a glut at the end of the year.  Radish is a great plant, ready to eat so quickly and great in a salad.  It help keep me motivated.

Tonight is watering and weeding.  Tomorrow will be moving some soil and setting out 2 new beds to plant out some lettuce on Sunday.

Little and often.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    I am a professional horticulturist. I sometimes work in greenhouses; professional grade greenhouses. Yet, it still amazed me that those who enjoy home gardening have greenhouses that are better than mine, but on a small and manageable scale!

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