Mid July


July is normally a good month here in Norfolk, UK. This year has seen amazing weather but I can’t remember the last time it rained, I think it was over a month ago. Watering is the biggest task on the allotment and back home in the garden.

The dry spell means slugs and snails are staying hidden and weeds also seem to be holding back. I think I will claim some of the credit for this; I have been trying to keep on top of them.

My tomatoes are all planted out. This year I have some in the greenhouse and some in the veg patch to see how each does. I’m trying a new method of managing the tomatoes in the garden but that is for another blog once I see how it goes.

The garden and allotment are now productive. The garden is keeping me in good supply of lettuce, potatoes and spring onions. I’m currently sitting in my car writing this blog after picking up some courgettes at the allotment. I’ve also been endearing myself with the neighbours by keeping them supplied with some organic fresh lettuce.

Before we know it August will be hear and heading towards autumn and a different pace of gardening. For now, I’m enjoying the sun and the produce my garden is giving me.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    It seems that everyone there is concerned with the lack of rain. We have had none since March or so, and do not expect any until autumn. It is normal for us.

    1. mallr says:

      We normally have a reasonable amount of rain through most months. There haven’t been hose pipe bands for a while and parts of the country are enforcing them. I’m just having to plan in time to water.

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