September Update

It’s been a while since my last update.

Unfortunately, my work with my full-time job has become extremely busy, wedding season kicked in for my photography business and, in the time I had left, I had a lot of family commitments. The result has been a poor year, and I have had a minimal amount of produce from my garden.

Now the wedding season is slowing down, and social activities are becoming less frequent, I have some time to reflect on this year and start to prepare for 2020 while the days are still warm.

Next year I plan to reduce the amount of space I use to grow crops to help reduce the amount of land I have to keep an eye on. This means losing the Allotment and focusing on my home plots. I also need to find a better way of staying on top of weeds so I can spend more time tending my vegetables rather than pulling up unwanted plants.

I have not had a great year with climbing plants or vines. Until now, I have relied on bamboo canes to create structures for the plants to climb. High winds earlier in the year have blown these over on several occasions. I really need a better, stronger solution.

Despite not spending much time tending my garden, I have had a few crops do well. My cut and grow again lettuce did exceptionally well and kept us in salad for most of the summer, and we have had a great crop of carrots this year. The tomatoes planted into the main bed have done well (but need stronger supports) and are still producing as I write, but the plants in pots have not done so well due to a lack of watering.

I have not been uploading to YouTube over summer either for the same reasons I have not been able to get in the garden. I had tried to create a few tutorials, but I realised I do not have enough knowledge and experience to produce good tutorials, and they took a lot of time to plan, shoot and edit. I hope to get back to creating videos for YouTube. I enjoyed making them, but I think I will stick to documenting what I am doing and sharing what I have learnt as I discover new and better ways of growing my own food.

I also plan to get back to uploading to this blog regularly. Writing the blog helps me to pull together the things I am learning into one place, and it’s great to be able to connect with other people who have the same interest.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    I am not clear on this concept of an ‘allotment’. If it is reassigned to someone else, can you get another in the future?

    1. mallr says:

      Allotments have been around since the Anglo Saxon times and was land given over to the poor to grow their own food. Local councils are required by law to have allotments available but my allotment is on private land gifted to the local community. I pay a small rent, £15, for a small plot of land and access to water. Most allotments have waiting lists so it will be handed over to someone else. I can apply for one again in the future. I’m going to focus on sorting out my garden. I’d like to get it looking better than it does.

      1. tonytomeo says:

        Oh, I know how that goes. There is so much that I can not keep up with in my garden; but I still need to keep the downtown planter box looking good. They are just big planter boxes that we must keep up to certain standards. We can not grow vegetables in them. Just pretty flowery things that look good downtown. ‘Community Gardens’ might be something like allotments. People pay rent on them. The community is not required to provide them. They work nicely in urban areas where many people live in apartment buildings.

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