Start of a New Year – January 2020

I remember being a kid watching programmes set in the future. It’s strange to think that we are now living in it. Unfortunately, while the date reflects the shows I watched; we lack space travel and flying cars. Instead, the future has brought me a busy job, two children and a mortgage which seems to be getting bigger, not smaller.

As time passes, my youthful optimism and sense of adventure are succeeded by grounded realism and appreciation of a slower, quieter life. However, I remain inspired by many things, but not by grand ideas and ideologies. Details fascinate me now in a way they never did before, and I am keen to improve my gardening knowledge this year. I am also eager to understand how a connected IoT garden may help. I watched a programme on how agriculture has embraced technology to help increase productivity and efficiency; I’m interested in seeing if I can use similar tech, but on a much smaller scale, to help my garden thrive.

I am starting the year in a very different place than in previous years. Building work has started on our extension, which has caused a hideous amount of damage to my front and rear gardens, and my greenhouse has been de-glassed and moved to make way for a new drain. However, the damaged caused to my garden will give me a much-needed reason to re-configure it, and I have some plans in mind to develop the space into something quite special. I also have a much smaller space to grow now. I no longer have access to an allotment. This means I will need to think carefully about how to use the space I have left.

My plans will take time, and I still want to grow vegetables this year. My vegetable patches will likely remain as it is throughout this season, but I may have to do without a greenhouse this year. With the loss of the allotment, I plan to increase the yield from the small growing space I have in my garden and try out growing in bags and pots. It’s not going to be pretty, but I think it will be an exciting year.

I intend to increase the frequency of uploading here and to my YouTube Channel this year, and quite keen to build a community on FB if possible. Over the last year, I have been learning everything I can about the world of social media, and I am looking to put them into practice this year. If you are interested in following along, I would be grateful if you would follow and subscribe.

So here is to a new year and I wish everyone all the best in achieving their goals this year!