Second Month of the Year

The second month of 2020 has started; I can hardly believe how fast time is passing. The weather here has remained very mild, and I am struggling to recall a day when we woke to frost covering the building site, formally my garden. We have had a few cold mornings, but not enough to stop our builder laying bricks and growing our house. With only around three months left on the build, my mind is turning to how I want our garden to look and feel.
Luckily, or well planned depending on how you look at it, we built on ground which is, for the most part, unused. As a result, we have not lost that much of the garden. However, the damage caused by the build means we will have the chance to reconfigure without a huge amount of effort. Out front lawn is no more, and the builder will use a digger to clear up the mess he as made and prepare the ground for reseeding. I’m eager to use our situation as a chance to create deeper boards and reduce the amount of grass to make a more interesting front garden.
I’m keen to keep growing my vegetables and want to make the experience of growing them much more pleasing. My wife calls my current vegetable patch “The Grave”, and it doesn’t look very appealing for a good period of the year. I am toying with the idea of creating an edible garden which like Victorian walled kitchen gardens. While I do not have the walls, I am looking at ways to create the aesthetic.
I’ve not been much of a garden designer before, but the damage caused by the building work has given me the motivation to do something different with the space I have; people have been far more productive and creative with far less, so I have very little in the way of excuse.