February Tasks


February is another one of those months where the motivation to get out in the garden can get quite low. Here is the East of England; it is still damp and cold. The ground is waterlogged and heavy; a thick covering of cloud keeps us in the perpetual half-light. Despite the prevailing greyness of the sky, there are signs of life and hints of the spring to come. There is work to be done if we are to prepare for the warmth to come.

Five February Tasks:

  • Time to chit potatoes – It’s a great time to start chitting potatoes in a light, frost-free location. Egg boxes are great for this.
  • Prepare vegetable seed beds – adding compost and removing weeds will give seeds a positive start in the spring. If you have the chance, it may be worth covering the bed with black plastic which will keep the soil dryer and warmer.
  • Spruce up the plot – if you are anything like me, your plot may be a little messy; it’s time to give the area a good tidy up. Get rid of dead plants, leaves and other things laying around.
  • Force Rhubarb – if you have Rhubarb, you can start to force it now for an early crop.
  • Start planning and buying seeds for spring sowing – the sowing months are not far off; it’s worth planning what you are growing and picking up or ordering the seeds now.

After months of short and cold days, it’s been wonderful to see signs of life in the garden. Bulbs are starting to reach above the ground, and we are having the odd day where the sky clears and the suns warmth breaks through. It’s starting to feel like spring is on the way, and I am looking forward to what the year will bring.

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