Storms and building work

The third weekend of February has come and past, time is marching quickly towards spring. In the past week, we have had two storms hit the UK. Luckily for us, the storms have blown in from the West, so Ireland, Wales, Scotland and the West of England has taken the brunt of it. Here in the East, the storms have caused high winds but nowhere near the damage as seen elsewhere. At home, we have not had any damage from the high winds. I’ve had to make sure the builders have secured everything, but we have not seen any issues with the new roof tiles or scaffolding. The builder said he half expected a wall to have fallen as the cement hadn’t set, but we made it through without any damage.
Our side extension is almost complete. The outside is complete, and we are waiting for the glass for one window to fitted, then we will be watertight. Floors and the shower room go in during the week, and the electrician should second fix the rooms. From a building perspective, the side will be complete and waiting for us to decorate.
The rear extension is also progressing well. The roof is due to go on next week and then, once watertight; the builders will start knocking through to make our new open plan kitchen dining room. It looks like we have around eight weeks of building left, and I can start to focus on doing some work in the garden. At the moment there is little point in working in the garden due to the building work, but I am chitting potatoes as I intend to try out some potato grow bag this year. My mother in law has had several good seasons with growing potatoes in bags, so I thought I would give it a try this year. I have a lot less ground available for growing so growing vertically with high yields will be great if it works.
I am looking forward to the building work coming to an end, it does mean decorating will start but I will be able to get back in the garden and not have to worry about builders walking over anything.

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