5 Reasons to grow Potatoes in Grow Bags

I’ve always grown potatoes in beds either at home or at my old allotments. I love growing potatoes but starting them off has still required quite a bit of work and taken up a lot of space. Most years, I lose a few to pests and blight.

I have persisted with growing potatoes because they store so well and, following giving up my allotment, I have not wanted to give up on them. This is the first year I have used grow bags. You can watch a vlog of me setting them up below.

So far, I have had a great experience and thought I would share 5 reasons why I intend to make use of grow bags in the future:

  1. Relatively cheap – When it comes to gardening equipment, grow bags are low cost; however, you do need to take compost into account when you are considering value for money as you will need to add compost.
  2. Easy to use – The are as simple to set up as opening a bag, adding compost, placing in seed potatoes, topping it up as the plant grows and watering.
  3. Avoid pests – Being in a container above ground means you are less likely to have pests, such as slugs, eating away at your potatoes.
  4. Uses less space – Grow bags have a small footprint and allow you to grow vertically, not horizontally, so ideal for people with small gardens, balconies or looking to add Potatoes to an already full garden.
  5. Avoid disease – So far, I have not had any issues with blight, and I can spread the grow bags out if they are damp and need some extra airflow.

So, would I recommend using potato grow bags? Yes, based upon how things have gone so far, I would recommend them. I have a control group growing in my veg plot, and I will cast my final verdict when I get to compare how productive grow bag potatoes are.

Potatoes growing in grow bags next to greenhouse

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    The beginning of you video sounds concerning. I hope this is like the last time when you made such a ‘concerning’ video, and it had a happy ending.
    Bags . . . bother me; but they are so nice for potatoes where the soil can be difficult to dig. All the soil is excellent, but it can be a bit solid in part.

    1. mallr says:

      It was filmed a while ago as Coronavirus was starting to spread in Norfolk. I work for our local health service and things were pretty tough. I was spending lots of hours getting our services ready and trying to support clinical staff who were really worried about looking after people with the illness. All of our work paid off and we’ve been able to limit the impact where I live as a result of the work we did when I filmed the video. It didn’t feel right making a video without addressing it somehow. I hope I will be able to focus on positive things in the future. The bags are working well for me so far, but it is still early days. I have a lot less space to grow things so looking for space-saving solutions.

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