March Garden Update


March has been a mixed bag when it comes to weather. It has generally been cold, but the average temperature is beginning to rise. The slight increase in average temperature has had a positive impact on seed germination, and more and more seedlings are starting to appear.

With the increase in seeds germinating, I have become increasingly motivated to sow more. We are still relatively early in the year, and I have at least two months to get more seeds sown. I need to prepare my beds as I am slightly worried that I will not have enough room for all of these plants.

The Cut and Come Again Lettuce is doing well this year, which is surprising considering these seeds are several seasons old. My winter-sown lettuce has matured, and I am now taking leaves for the occasional salad.

Sweet Pea has germinated well, and I hope to place these by the front gate early next month.

I have multi-sown quite a lot of beetroot this year. It’s a good crop which can be eaten fresh or pickled. I’ve sown so much as I hope to pickle it and give bottles of pickled beetroot to my grandparents and parents later on in the year. The beetroot has germinated very well, and I hope they will produce a good crop this year.

The spinach has continued to do well and will be ready for transplanting outside reasonably soon.
Sprouts have done ok. I would have liked more plants so I may re-sow. These are pretty leggy, which is likely due to a combination of low light early on after they germinated and staying on the heated bed for too long. I hope they will strengthen as they grow, so a second sowing may be worth doing in case.

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