June 2021 in photos

June has been colder than average this year, resulting in slow growth and a delay in getting plants out of the greenhouse. This time last year, we had heatwaves while on lockdown. What a difference a year can make.

I have started my Instagram account again (@norfolk_gardening); please head over there and support this site and my Instagram account. All likes, follows, and comments are gratefully received.

I find taking photos helps me in three ways:

  1. It is a record of how things are at the time of taking the photo. I can see what growth I have at that time of the year, and the images act as a record of what I was growing.
  2. I find it motivates me to keep the garden clean and tidy. If I am showing these photos to the world, I would prefer to show the plants off in a relatively neat garden.
  3. It keeps me growing and on top of my sowing schedule. I have found I am more on top of my work in the garden if I am capturing images of my plants as I need variety in the photos I share online.

I am lucky that, for the past 5 years, I have been working part-time as a photographer and videographer. I have the equipment and skills to take photos and make content. Covid-19 has resulted in very little work for my company, and I have decided to wrap it up, close my books to clients and focus on my gardening and creating content for social media.

COVID-19 has been helpful in some ways. I now work from home four days a week to access my garden and do small tasks during my breaks, and I no longer need to commute to work, giving me back 4 hours a week.

I really appreciate the support I get on this blog; I find it motivating to get views, comments, likes and follows. I would like to grow my audience, so any advice on doing this and doing well on social media would be fantastic.

Thank you for all of the support, and I will leave you with some of my photos from June 2021.

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