What to sow in September

Autumn is just under a month away, and the spring sown crops are ending. Cold nights and cooler days are coming, but there are still things you can grow from seed before putting the veg patch to bed or planting out a winter crop. The key to selecting your plants for sowing at this time of year is choosing veg that will mature quickly and cope with fewer daylight hours.

A simple way of finding suitable plants to sow from seed in September is to visit seed supplier websites such as Suttons. Suttons have grouped seeds under each month of the year. Although diminished from what was available in spring, you’ll find a selection known to keep fresh food growing in your garden or allotment filling your plate.

So what can be sown in September?


Varieties of Lettuce can be sown this month. These varieties of lettuce grow to maturity fairly quickly and appreciate the cooler weather as we head towards autumn.

Several varieties can be picked up from seed suppliers, including “Rossa di Trento“, “John“, and “Lettuce Globus“, which can still be sown for a crop this year.


Radish is a fast-growing root vegetable which comes in wide varieties such as “French Breakfast“, “Scarlet Globe“, and “Sparkler 3“. September is likely the last time you can sow these this year before starting again in March, and seeds sown in September will be ready for harvest in October.


Onions such as “Senshyu Semi” and salad onions can be sown in September but are likely to be ready in March next year.


Spinach is fast growing, and many can tolerate having their baby leaves picked as well as their mature leaves. Varieties such as “F1 Rubino” and “F1 Comred” can still be sown and harvested up to the end of November.

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