Vlog – June Garden Tour

It’s halfway through the year and I thought it was a good time to reflect on progress so far and to show you around my vegetable garden.

Planting down the allotment

It’s been a while since I have managed to get down the allotment and I have a few things I need to plant out.  All of the rain and the warm weather means I have a lot of weeding to do.  

Looking after tools

Winter isn’t known as a time for growing but it does offer time to get prepared for next year.  If I’ve learnt anything about gardening its the more prepared you are, the easier things will be.  So this week I have been spending some time in my shed making sure my tools are ready for…

Checking on the Allotment

The cold has well and truly come to Norfolk and December is due to get even colder.  Since clearing up the allotment I have not been down to check on it and the last few things growing down there. The allotment is a very different place during the winter.  It is missing a sea of…

Autumn Tidy

With summer behind me and autumn colours setting in, it’s time I had a tidy up in the garden.  A fair amount of plants and veg have either ended or close to ending and starting to die back.  The tomato plants are very close to the end of their productive year and the leaves on…

VLog 4 – Onions

I finally got round to finishing my latest Vlog to accompany my last blog.  This episode is all about onions.

Not keeping up

Its amazing how life takes over and things slip.  Between work, trying to build a business and looking after my garden and allotment, I have not been able to keep up with posting.  So here is a quick catch up on a couple of Vlogs from earlier in the year.  I’ll follow up with a…