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How to preparing Seed Potatoes for Planting

Winter is marching on, and we will soon be heading to spring. Now is a good time to buy and prepare your seed potatoes ready for planting out in around 6 weeks. In this video, I share how to help your potoates get off to a good start. As always, please leave a comment, like…

The Turning of the Seasons

The weather is changing, and the produce of summer has been harvested. As most things are coming to an end of the year, there are still things that can be started to help keep homegrown food on the table during the colder months.

Homemade Compost

Plants, whether flowers, vegetables or fruit, will need nutrients, minerals and water to germinate, grow and be productive. Whether you have a small or large garden, you will need to feed your plants, where compost comes in. You can buy compost, but that adds cost to your gardening when you have a lot of materials…

Heatwave in the UK

Recently, a heatwave swept across the UK, and I have had to look at how I can help keep my plants and animals alive. The heatwaves are not over, and we can expect more in the coming month.

Better late than never – spring 2022

This year’s gardening and content have been disrupted by covid, the gift that keeps on giving! I started my spring video just before catching the virus I had managed to dodge for two years. Covid took me out of action for two weeks just around the height of seed sowing and has slowed me down…

Garden Chickens

We introduced chickens to our back garden just under a year ago, and it’s time to start including them on my YouTube channel. Recently, they have been unwanted guests in the chicken run, so I will try to sort that out in this episode.

Time to relax?

Summer has made an appearance here in the UK but is it time to sit back, relax and enjoy my garden after long months of work? In this video I explore what summer does to my garden and whether I can slow down to relax. Please like and comment on the video, and subscribe to…


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