January Tasks

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJanuary is a odd month for me.  There are a couple of months of cold weather still to come before the growing season starts and the garden is fairly quite at this time of year.  I look at it from my kitchen window dreaming of what I need to do this year, get annoyed at the mess my garden has managed to get into but not willing to brave the cold weather for too long to put it right, and wish I had more time to plan because before I know it, those couple of months will have come and pass all too quickly.

To get on top of the year I have a number of tasks lined up:

1.  Plan what to grow and when.  Timing appears to be everything in gardening and I do not want to miss an opportunity.

2.  Buy and Chit Early Potatoes.  I love new potatoes in salads and cannot wait to get some on my plate.

3.  Improve my soil.  I have had several years of growing in the same area so I need to give something back.  Its going to be double digging this year.

4.  Prepare to start seed sowing.  There is nothing like being ready!

Getting on top of these tasks will keep me on track for a good year of growing.

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