Chitting Potatoes

What is chitting?

Chittiing is the term used when you encourage the tubers to sprout in order to try to ensure a quicker and more productive harvest.

How to chit.

Chitting is relatively simple.  To chit properly you need a cool, frost free place to put the tubers.  Egg cartons are regularly used to hold the tubers but a shallow box maybe more suitable if you are chitting a lot of tubers

A potato has two ends and you need to locate the one with the most “eyes” and place them in the tray with the eyes uppermost.  If there the tuber is already sprouting from the eyes on both ends, choose the end with most eyes and rub off the ones from the other end.

Once the shoots are around 1/3 to 1 inch long, you are about ready to plant them out.  When you go plant the tuber out, select 3 of the best looking shoots on each potato and remove the rest.  This will hep you to grow large potatoes; otherwise, you will get a lot of potatoes but they will be small.

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