Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fruitful New Year.

Siberian air

The prevailing wind shifted over the last week, and we now have wind bringing cold air from the east, which takes a short trip north to bring down Artic air. This means it is cold, with temperatures reaching -6 degrees Celsius or 42 degrees Fahrenheit on the night I write this blog post. After a…

Early October Gardening Tasks – jobs for the weekend

The months continue to march on. Not long until the first frost and even shorter days. Now is the time to make use of the remaining warmth before it is time to step back and wait for spring. Jobs for the vegetable patch Tidy up the veg patch. Getting tidy now will pay dividends in…

The Turning of the Seasons

The weather is changing, and the produce of summer has been harvested. As most things are coming to an end of the year, there are still things that can be started to help keep homegrown food on the table during the colder months.

Two jobs for the weekend – late September

After a period of just letting things grow, it’s getting busier in the garden again. Work done now means less work next season then you can focus on timing seed sowing and planting rather than spending time on maintenance. Tidy up Now is an excellent time to get back into the garden and tidy up….

Coming to the end of the season

Our days have remained hot, 27 degrees Celsius on the day I started writing this, but our nights are starting to cool. The mornings greet us with crisp air signifying the change from summer to autumn, and you can feel the shift of seasons happening each day. We have a few weeks of official summer…

What to sow in September

Autumn is just under a month away, and the spring sown crops are ending. Cold nights and cooler days are coming, but there are still things you can grow from seed before putting the veg patch to bed or planting out a winter crop. The key to selecting your plants for sowing at this time…

Homemade Compost

Plants, whether flowers, vegetables or fruit, will need nutrients, minerals and water to germinate, grow and be productive. Whether you have a small or large garden, you will need to feed your plants, where compost comes in. You can buy compost, but that adds cost to your gardening when you have a lot of materials…

Heatwave in the UK

Recently, a heatwave swept across the UK, and I have had to look at how I can help keep my plants and animals alive. The heatwaves are not over, and we can expect more in the coming month.