Highs and Lows of Spring Gardening

Spring gardening is an exciting time. Lots of plants to sow and grow, and the garden is starting to come alive. Gardening does not always go to plan and spring can have its highs and lows; it always brings a learning opportunity.

Sowing, growing and caring for Cosmos plants

Cosmos is a versatile and easy-to-grow flower that can add colour and vibrancy to any garden and has become one of my favourite flowers to grow from seed. Its bright and colourful flowers bring much-needed interest to the garden during autumn. This post provides advice on sowing, growing and caring for Cosmos.

5 Perennial Plants Perfect for UK Gardens

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years and are a great investment of money and time for any garden. Luckily, the UK climate is well-suited for perennial gardening, and many beautiful and hardy perennials can thrive in British gardens. Many perennial plants will do well in a temperate climate, so I thought…

5 Flowers to Sow in March and April

Spring is here, and the amount of seeds you can sow is increasing. Here are 5 flower seeds you can sow in March and April that will attract pollinators and add colour to your garden.

March Gardening Tips

With spring just around the corner, I thought sharing some tips on what gardeners can do in March would be good. Many gardeners are eager to get outside and start working in their gardens. This blog post aims to provide helpful tips and guidance on the tasks that can be done in the garden during…

How to Label Seeds

Labelling seeds as they are sown is very important. Once they have been sown into seed trays or the ground, they will look fairly similar until they grow and show their first true leaves. If you are sowing most of your plants for the year, things can get very busy, and it is important to…

3 Vegetable Seeds to Sow in March

March is here! The days are getting longer and warmer, with more seeds to sow. In this video, I share 3 vegetable seeds to sow in March for a great harvest later in the year. What are you sowing?

Sow these seeds now for a great harvest

Some plants need as much time as you can to grow and produce an abundance of produce. This video shares two seeds to sow now, so you have a great harvest later in the year.

How to preparing Seed Potatoes for Planting

Winter is marching on, and we will soon be heading to spring. Now is a good time to buy and prepare your seed potatoes ready for planting out in around 6 weeks. In this video, I share how to help your potoates get off to a good start. As always, please leave a comment, like…

What seeds to sow now in February

Days are still short, and the risk of frost is very real, but some seeds can be sown, especially if you can add a little heat and protect seedlings from frost. Here are a few seeds I will be sowing this February: Flowers All of the following flowers need to be sown under cover, with…