5 Perennial Plants Perfect for UK Gardens

Perennials are plants that live for more than two years and are a great investment of money and time for any garden. Luckily, the UK climate is well-suited for perennial gardening, and many beautiful and hardy perennials can thrive in British gardens. Many perennial plants will do well in a temperate climate, so I thought…

5 Flowers to Sow in March and April

Spring is here, and the amount of seeds you can sow is increasing. Here are 5 flower seeds you can sow in March and April that will attract pollinators and add colour to your garden.

Three Flower Seeds to Sow in February

The weather is still unpredictable but if you have a space where you can keep seeds warm and protect seedlings from the frost, there are some plants you can sow now for flowers later this year.

Cosmos – my favourite autumn flower

Autumn can become awash with brown and reds as leaves on the trees prepare to fall. The array of summer colours has died off, and there is a risk the garden can look rather tired. I started sowing flowers two years ago and picked up a packet of cosmos. At the time, I knew very…

Making the most of January sun

So far, January has been kind to gardeners who want to spend time outside. Each weekend has so far delivered sunny and relatively warm days. Winter in the East of England can be pretty unpredictable, so using these sunny days is essential so winter tasks can be done, especially those that benefit from less foliage….

Weekend Gardening & Saying Goodbye Vlog

These last few weeks have been surreal. We’ve spent most weekends helping to clear out my wife’s grandparents house which is being sold. The whole experience is sad but at the same time fascinating to see so much history in one place.

We have had a warm late September weekend and I have taken the opportunity to get some work done in the garden before things change and autumn really kicks in.

Procrastination, my nemesis.

I’m a month behind.  I have a load of excuses.  Its been cold, its rained….a lot, and its snowed in March just when I wanted to get on with sowing seeds.  I could also blame work, and I have done.  I’ve told myself that all these things have stopped me from getting on with things…