Three Flower Seeds to Sow in February

The weather is still unpredictable but if you have a space where you can keep seeds warm and protect seedlings from the frost, there are some plants you can sow now for flowers later this year.

Preparing the Garden For Winter

Winter is almost here, and there are some tasks you can do now to help prepare for the next growing season. Despite the cold and wet weather, it is worth getting outside and preparing for winter.

The Sun is Here

The sun has arrived here in the East of England and temperatures are on the rise, it’s time to clear the greenhouse and get plants outside.

Rain Water Collection in the Garden

When you spend time in your garden you start to feel that little bit closer to nature. I have done my best to be as organic as possible in my veg patch but I still consume a lot of shop brought compost as well as use a lot of water from the garden tap. Collecting…


When I was a child I remember weeks of snow covered ground and icicles as long as my arm hanging from windowsills. Granted my perception of time may be off and I had shorter arms back then, but we did experience snow for longer and more often. Temperature has risen here but we do still…

Summer Sun and Heatwaves

2020 has been a warm year so far. We saw spring temperatures in February, summer temperatures in March and April and, during August, we have recently experienced a heatwave reaching over 30 Degrees Celsius for the last two weeks. As I sit here writing this blog post, the weather is finally breaking. The sky is…

Seeds to sow in June

I tend to sow the most between March and May each year and, until recently, I didn’t consider planting at any other time of the year. Limiting myself to sowing during spring meant I didn’t make use of my home allotment and garden all year round, so I have been exploring what veg does well…

Vlog – June Garden Tour

It’s halfway through the year and I thought it was a good time to reflect on progress so far and to show you around my vegetable garden.

End of May. Sun, sowing and lockdown

So far, spring has been beautiful here in the East of England. Temperatures are hitting the mid 20 Degrees Celsius, and we have a right mix of sunny days and rainy nights. My veg plot is starting to really come to life; my potatoes are growing strong, and my peas are reaching up. I’ve had…