End of 2019

Its the start of the new year and I take a moment to reflect on 2019. It’s been hit and miss during 2019 and now my garden is being destroyed by the building work taking place to extend my home.

Weekend Gardening & Saying Goodbye Vlog

These last few weeks have been surreal. We’ve spent most weekends helping to clear out my wife’s grandparents house which is being sold. The whole experience is sad but at the same time fascinating to see so much history in one place.

We have had a warm late September weekend and I have taken the opportunity to get some work done in the garden before things change and autumn really kicks in.

End of a year, a new start.

With Christmas and New Year behind us it is time to get stuck into winter gardening.  For me winter has not been about gardening but sitting down watching idyllic episodes of River Cottage and other good life TV but find myself wasting time and not making the most of all year round growing. This year…

Planting down the allotment

It’s been a while since I have managed to get down the allotment and I have a few things I need to plant out.  All of the rain and the warm weather means I have a lot of weeding to do.  

Procrastination, my nemesis.

I’m a month behind.  I have a load of excuses.  Its been cold, its rained….a lot, and its snowed in March just when I wanted to get on with sowing seeds.  I could also blame work, and I have done.  I’ve told myself that all these things have stopped me from getting on with things…

Autumn Tidy

With summer behind me and autumn colours setting in, it’s time I had a tidy up in the garden.  A fair amount of plants and veg have either ended or close to ending and starting to die back.  The tomato plants are very close to the end of their productive year and the leaves on…