Early October Gardening Tasks – jobs for the weekend

The months continue to march on. Not long until the first frost and even shorter days. Now is the time to make use of the remaining warmth before it is time to step back and wait for spring. Jobs for the vegetable patch Tidy up the veg patch. Getting tidy now will pay dividends in…

The Turning of the Seasons

The weather is changing, and the produce of summer has been harvested. As most things are coming to an end of the year, there are still things that can be started to help keep homegrown food on the table during the colder months.

Cosmos – my favourite autumn flower

Autumn can become awash with brown and reds as leaves on the trees prepare to fall. The array of summer colours has died off, and there is a risk the garden can look rather tired. I started sowing flowers two years ago and picked up a packet of cosmos. At the time, I knew very…

Coming to the end of the season

Our days have remained hot, 27 degrees Celsius on the day I started writing this, but our nights are starting to cool. The mornings greet us with crisp air signifying the change from summer to autumn, and you can feel the shift of seasons happening each day. We have a few weeks of official summer…

Autumn Video

Autumn has arrived and its getting cooler. Autumn provides a time for reflection, planning and keeping up with tasks.

Here Comes the Rain

Only a short while ago I wrote about the sun and heatwaves, today I write about rain. We have had rain for the past 3 weeks. I don’t mean it’s been raining on and off for 3 weeks, I mean it’s been raining for 3 weeks. Other than short periods, the rain has not stopped….

Weekend Gardening & Saying Goodbye Vlog

These last few weeks have been surreal. We’ve spent most weekends helping to clear out my wife’s grandparents house which is being sold. The whole experience is sad but at the same time fascinating to see so much history in one place.

We have had a warm late September weekend and I have taken the opportunity to get some work done in the garden before things change and autumn really kicks in.

Saying Goodbye

I’ve tried to think of the best way to describe the last few weeks, and the best I can do is “different”. Earlier this year, my wife’s grandfather, Stan, passed away. He was 91 and had a short period of ill health before passing away at home with his family with him. When anyone passes…