Early October Gardening Tasks – jobs for the weekend

The months continue to march on. Not long until the first frost and even shorter days. Now is the time to make use of the remaining warmth before it is time to step back and wait for spring.

Jobs for the vegetable patch

Tidy up the veg patch.

Getting tidy now will pay dividends in spring. Remove vegetables that have finished for the year and harvest the last of the crops that are not expected to grow during the winter.

Vegetable garden after weeding
Veg patch – keeping on top of weeds now will help keep weeding down to a minimum in spring.

Once beds are cleared, it is an excellent time to feed the soil with compost. If you have home-produced compost, spread it to clear space in your compost bins so you can keep filling them with end-of-season plants as they die.

Keep on top of weeds.

Letting them establish now means they will be harder to manage in spring. Spreading compost will help by covering them and blocking out the light, but ensuring roots are dug up will prevent the most stubborn weeds from returning next year.

Plant onion and garlic sets.

This is the time to plant onions and garlic sets if you plan to have an early crop next year. Remember to grow them in a different location to last year’s crop, as diseases can remain in the soil and affect your new plants.

In the flower bed

Buy and plant shrubs.

It is an excellent time to buy and plant dormant shrubs. They may even be on offer in shops making it cheaper to pick them up. Planting them while inactive will mean they do not have to work to find water and can root in before the following year’s heat.

Take cuttings.

You take hard and soft wood cutting to propagate some of your favourite plants, and this is an excellent way to fill your flower beds at no cost other than your time. Lavender and roses are great plants to propagate if you are new to propagation.

Fruit trees


This is the time to prune fruit trees. Most fruit trees fruit off new branches, so make sure to prune if you want a good crop of fruit next year.

Dwarf Apple Tree
Apple tree – now is the time to prune fruit trees.

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