Reflecting on 2021 and looking to 2022

2021 2021, like the year before, was disrupted by COVID-19, lockdowns and supply shortages but not by building work. This was the first growing season since our extension was completed allowing me to start seeing the space I will develop over the coming years. The Garden I have started to segment my front and back…

Autumn Video

Autumn has arrived and its getting cooler. Autumn provides a time for reflection, planning and keeping up with tasks.

Preparing Autumn and Winter Garden Crops

Summer is edging towards Autumn, and it is time to start getting Autumn and Winter crops ready. New YouTube video published; please like, subscribe and comment.

Time to relax?

Summer has made an appearance here in the UK but is it time to sit back, relax and enjoy my garden after long months of work? In this video I explore what summer does to my garden and whether I can slow down to relax. Please like and comment on the video, and subscribe to…

5 Tips for Watering Your Garden

I have been trying to improve my gardening techniques to produce more and to have healthier plants. During a recent spell of hot weather I was struggling to keep keep my plants looking well, so I took a look at how and when I was watering. The YouTube video below share 5 tips I picked…

The Sun is Here

The sun has arrived here in the East of England and temperatures are on the rise, it’s time to clear the greenhouse and get plants outside.

5 Seeds to Sow in March in the UK

March is a busy time in the garden here in the UK. Temperatures are going up, and more seeds can be sown. It is important not to rush to sow your seeds unless you can protect them from the frost that can still hit the UK until the end of May. All of the seeds which could be sown in February are suitable for sowing in March with a few additions such as summer cabbage and chard.

DIY Heated Propagation Bench

Sometimes seeds need a little help to get started, and a heated propagation bench can help seeds germinate when temperatures are still on the cold side. The ideal temperature for seed germination depends on what plant you are trying to grow, but most like warm soil to get them off to a good start. A…

Sowing Seed

It’s been snowing this week, but I still wanted to sow some seeds. So I headed into my greenhouse and pulled together a short YouTube video. In this video I start sowing seeds for this year’s crop of sprouts, cucumber, peas and spinach If you like the video, please like, comment and subscribe to my…