5 Flowers to Sow in March and April

Spring is here, and the amount of seeds you can sow is increasing. Here are 5 flower seeds you can sow in March and April that will attract pollinators and add colour to your garden.

March Gardening Tips

With spring just around the corner, I thought sharing some tips on what gardeners can do in March would be good. Many gardeners are eager to get outside and start working in their gardens. This blog post aims to provide helpful tips and guidance on the tasks that can be done in the garden during…

3 Vegetable Seeds to Sow in March

March is here! The days are getting longer and warmer, with more seeds to sow. In this video, I share 3 vegetable seeds to sow in March for a great harvest later in the year. What are you sowing?

Sow these seeds now for a great harvest

Some plants need as much time as you can to grow and produce an abundance of produce. This video shares two seeds to sow now, so you have a great harvest later in the year.

How to preparing Seed Potatoes for Planting

Winter is marching on, and we will soon be heading to spring. Now is a good time to buy and prepare your seed potatoes ready for planting out in around 6 weeks. In this video, I share how to help your potoates get off to a good start. As always, please leave a comment, like…

Three Flower Seeds to Sow in February

The weather is still unpredictable but if you have a space where you can keep seeds warm and protect seedlings from the frost, there are some plants you can sow now for flowers later this year.

Buying and Chitting Seed Potatoes

Gardening success, especially abundant growing, is built on a degree of preparation. You can still have a good crop or a beautiful garden without it, but it may cost more or not achieve its full potential. After several years of learning, I now try to make sure I plan out tasks and do my best…

January Gardening

January in the northern hemisphere is cold, and there is little practical work to do in the garden. The cold has set in, the ground is frozen (to at least 2 inches here), and frosts threaten any tender plants. Despite the cold, there are a few things to do to keep your love of gardening…

Siberian air

The prevailing wind shifted over the last week, and we now have wind bringing cold air from the east, which takes a short trip north to bring down Artic air. This means it is cold, with temperatures reaching -6 degrees Celsius or 42 degrees Fahrenheit on the night I write this blog post. After a…