V-log: Radishes and Amazon Seeds

May is here and it’s time for second sowing of Radishes and I’ve planted the seeds delivered by Amazon.com

Ordering Seeds during Lockdown

I usually start picking up seeds in February and March from local garden centres but, with all the things happening this year, I didn’t buy any before lockdown started. All garden centres closed their doors and have yet to fully re-open. I’m also not keen to go to the shops to buy seeds. I’m not…

Vlog – Sowing Seeds

Time for a Vlog!  Please help my channel out by giving the video a like and subscribing.  It would be great to build a small community on YouTube. In this episode, I sow courgette, lettuce, radish, peas, and tomatoes.  We’ve had a stunning and really warm April and I’m keen to make sure I get…

Planting Potatoes

It’s been a while since I last posted.  My routine is all off.  Here’s a vlog from a couple of weeks ago I didn’t post here.  I hope everyone is keeping safe!

End of February

It’s the end of February and I thought it was a good time to have a quick catch up and show you how things are progressing with our house extension.  

February Tasks

February is another one of those months where the motivation to get out in the garden can get quite low. Here is the East of England; it is still damp and cold. The ground is waterlogged and heavy; a thick covering of cloud keeps us in the perpetual half-light. Despite the prevailing greyness of the…

Second Month of the Year

The second month of 2020 has started; I can hardly believe how fast time is passing. The weather here has remained very mild, and I am struggling to recall a day when we woke to frost covering the building site, formally my garden. We have had a few cold mornings, but not enough to stop…

January Tasks

January is a cold, dark and wet month here in Norfolk, UK. It is far from being my favourite month. There is nothing pleasant about being outside this time of the year, especially when the log fire is roaring in the lounge and a Sunday roast is on the go. It’s the time of the…

Start of a New Year – January 2020

I remember being a kid watching programmes set in the future. It’s strange to think that we are now living in it. Unfortunately, while the date reflects the shows I watched; we lack space travel and flying cars. Instead, the future has brought me a busy job, two children and a mortgage which seems to…

End of 2019

Its the start of the new year and I take a moment to reflect on 2019. It’s been hit and miss during 2019 and now my garden is being destroyed by the building work taking place to extend my home.