End of 2019

Its the start of the new year and I take a moment to reflect on 2019. It’s been hit and miss during 2019 and now my garden is being destroyed by the building work taking place to extend my home.

September Update

It’s been a while since my last update. Unfortunately, my work with my full-time job has become extremely busy, wedding season kicked in for my photography business and, in the time I had left, I had a lot of family commitments. The result has been a poor year, and I have had a minimal amount…

Planting down the allotment

It’s been a while since I have managed to get down the allotment and I have a few things I need to plant out.  All of the rain and the warm weather means I have a lot of weeding to do.  

No progress

The last month has been very frustrating with little to no progress in my garden or allotment. A mixture of bad weather and spending too much time at work has left my greenhouse sitting bare, my seed potatoes un-chitted and a growing sense that I’m getting behind. I work for the NHS overseeing and supporting…