Winter has finally set in

We have had a very mild autumn and early winter so far. November had been unseasonably warm up until this weekend when the temperature finally dropped. I have my first recorded temp of 0 in the greenhouse and the first show of the year hit the ground last night.

Luckily I had picked my last crop of peppers from the greenhouse and avoided any frost damage. They will be dehydrated and stored for use over the winter.

I am also pleased I managed to get my rhubarb and garlic in the grown while it was still warm to give them a fighting chance over the winter.

Now most of the planting and harvesting is over for the year, it is time for planning, clearing and hard landscaping.

My list for this winter:

  • Invest in insulation and heater for the greenhouse ready for late winter and early spring.
  • Create a brassica and fruit netted cage
  • Invest in a new shed (I’ll be converting my brick sheds into an office)
  • New fencing around our house

I think that should be enough to keep me busy.

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