3 Vegetable Seeds to Sow in March

March is here! The days are getting longer and warmer, with more seeds to sow. In this video, I share 3 vegetable seeds to sow in March for a great harvest later in the year. What are you sowing?

Siberian air

The prevailing wind shifted over the last week, and we now have wind bringing cold air from the east, which takes a short trip north to bring down Artic air. This means it is cold, with temperatures reaching -6 degrees Celsius or 42 degrees Fahrenheit on the night I write this blog post. After a…

Preparing the Garden For Winter

Winter is almost here, and there are some tasks you can do now to help prepare for the next growing season. Despite the cold and wet weather, it is worth getting outside and preparing for winter.

The Turning of the Seasons

The weather is changing, and the produce of summer has been harvested. As most things are coming to an end of the year, there are still things that can be started to help keep homegrown food on the table during the colder months.

February Tasks 2022

February has been here for a couple of weeks, and we are heading towards spring. There are still things to do while the weather is cold, and most plants lay dormant, waiting for the ground to warm. February is usually a month of chilly mornings, hard frosts, and gloomy days; not much will germinate in…

Making the most of January sun

So far, January has been kind to gardeners who want to spend time outside. Each weekend has so far delivered sunny and relatively warm days. Winter in the East of England can be pretty unpredictable, so using these sunny days is essential so winter tasks can be done, especially those that benefit from less foliage….

End of February

It’s the end of February and I thought it was a good time to have a quick catch up and show you how things are progressing with our house extension.  

Second Month of the Year

The second month of 2020 has started; I can hardly believe how fast time is passing. The weather here has remained very mild, and I am struggling to recall a day when we woke to frost covering the building site, formally my garden. We have had a few cold mornings, but not enough to stop…

End of 2019

Its the start of the new year and I take a moment to reflect on 2019. It’s been hit and miss during 2019 and now my garden is being destroyed by the building work taking place to extend my home.