Surviving the Mid Winter Blues



Here in the East of England we are mid way through the winter and can bring on a case of the blues if you are not careful.  The wind has changed direction and, rather than bringing warm air from the south, we have cold air from the north blowing in from the North Sea.   Having said that, we are far better off than most.  No floods, no significant snow to talk about and only a wind chill to worry about.

It is definately a time to stay in an plan and that is just what I have been doing.  Not only do I have to plan out my back garden, I now have to plan a 200 metre squared allotment.  The first thing to decide is that types of veg am WP_20160117_15_12_04_Rich_LII planning to grow at each site.  It’s a simple decision really.  Anything which will need daily care or temperamental will be grown in my back garden and hardy, self caring plants will go to the allotment.

So with that in mind, I headed down to the allotment with my son to measure it up.  I was surprised to find the bed I turned over earlier in the year was relatively clear of weeds but I got a fresh look at the large amount of work I will need to do to clear the site for this years crop.

With the site measured, I returned home to set the plan out on my Sutton Seeds Planner and set out the crops I intend to grow this year.  I have been so use to growing in my back garden, I was slightly shocked at how much I will be able to grow this year.WP_20160117_15_12_43_Rich_LI (2)

Now I am sitting at my computer adding seeds to my basket.  It will be the first time I have bought my seeds online and I am hoping to be able to find good quality seeds at a reasonable price.


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  1. yanniesaurus says:

    How could you ever feel blue with those views? Those pictures depict the home of my dreams! Grow with Love & Laughter! Xo Shenanigarden

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