Exploring Norfolk’s Big Houses

Norfolk has a long history and experienced some interesting times. You can’t go too far without bumping into a hill fort, Roman ruins and medieval castles, as well as some of the most amazing and well preserved stately homes once owned by the rich and royalty.

Within 45 minutes north of where I live I can visit Blickling Hall (once home to kings), Felbrigg Hall and the Sherringham Park estate. Spend a little longer in the car and I’m visiting Holkham Hall and the Sandringham estate (still home to the Royal Family).

The houses are stunning and steeped in history but the gardens are the draw for me. The mix of man made idyllic countryside with formal manicured gardens make for beautiful walks and the walled gardens, made to feed those living in the houses, give inspiration for those of us who love to grow veg.

This weekend the family and I visited Felbrigg Hall and wandered the woodland path until the walled gardens opened. While the kids loved the woodland walk, I was intreged to see the well laid out and dormant gardens full of potential.

The walled gardens also have greenhouses and the ones at Felbrigg house more tropical plants which need to be warm throughout the year. These greenhouses are to die for. Heated and huge, they make my little greenhouse seem even smaller.

So full of inspiration I’ve come home and decided go make my garden not only productive (and tasty) but also beautiful.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Such elaborate greenhouses are enviable to those of us who live in mild climates where greenhouses are not necessary.

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