Heated propagation bed

The other year I built a heated propagation bed for my greenhouse. I’ve not made great use of it in previous years. This year I’m using it to extend my growing year. I’ve started some broad beans, radishes and lettuce on the heated bed to see how they do.

It’s been a week now and I’m really pleased with the results so far. The broad beans have made a great start as have the radishes. I’m also surprised that the Cos Lettuce is also doing really well, especially considering it was from a pack of old seeds.

I’m going to give them another week or so on the heated bed and then transfer them to a shelf to make way for some micro greens and the first proper crop of lettuce which will and up undercover on the veg patch.

The heated bed is a simple 4 inch wooden frame on a large plastic tray. It’s filled with sand and the heating wire is buried 2 inches from the surface. To keep if neat the wire is fed through a small hole on the side of the frame.

I’m pleased with how well plants are doing on the bed and will be so excited if the plants transfer well.

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