Practice run – Making Tomato Soup


One of the aims of this project is to reduce the amount of shop brought food and to produce my own food.  One of the main challenges I need to overcome is how to store my fresh produce once the crop has been harvested.  Some crops, such as carrots and potatoes store relatively well without much effort, but other crops are more challenging.

One way to store my produce is to use it to cook meals and to then freeze them.  With the amount of tomato plants we have I need to start thinking about what I will do with the produce later in the year.

The year before last provided us with enough tomatoes to create a years worth of Ragu for use in different dishes but this year I want to add soup to the list of products we will have at the end of this season which I can freeze to eat over the winter.  It may also provide a small saving with shop bought soup costing around £4 a week (£208 p.a).

We have invested in a small soup maker (Kenwood) which can make up to 1600mls of soup at a time which is fine for domestic use but would not be suited for something on a more commercial scale.  Today we have given it a go and it has been a surprising success and I will add a few recipes on here as we perfect them.

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