My one seedling


I had hoped to add some new crops to my winter garden. Last year I had a successful crop of red and white onions, as well as some garlic and I wanted to replicate this success, but with a few added treats for an early harvest next year.

I read up on vegetables to sow late in the year and opted for some winter cabbage. I ordered it from an online seed company, one I had used before and has a good reputation. It took a while for the seeds to arrive and, when they did, it was a few weeks until I had time to sow them.

I decided to put a sow a fairly substantial crop. I started with 24 seeds in individual stations, watered them and placed them on a shelf in my greenhouse—the first week past, then the second and still nothing by the third week. I had expected a few to be showing signs of life, but none of the seeds had germinated.

It was still warm, so I could not understand why the cabbage, a winter variety, had not germinated. I tried sowing for a second time, but this time I put the tray on my heated bed and turned it on. I wondered if the night temperatures were confusing the seeds and a consistent temperature may be required.

After another 2 weeks, a few of the seeds germinated. Five small plants pushed their heads out of the compost, and things looked promising for a short while. Then disaster hit. A random hot day resulted in four of the small plants wilting and dying despite my desperate attempts to revive them.
So I am now left with one. Only one small plant out of 48 seeds have made it this far. It seems to be doing ok, and I hope to enjoy it early next year, but things have not turned out as I had expected.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    Of the hundreds of old seed that I found stashed away from a time when I was unable to work in the garden, I got a single surviving desert fan palm. It made it all worth the bother of sowing those that did not survive being stashed for far too long.

    1. mallr says:

      My seedling is still going but looking lonely in the greenhouse on its own. How’s the Palm doing? I looked it up, they look like they get quite big.

      1. tonytomeo says:

        Well, since it was the only one in the flat, I canned it. Surprisingly, it did not like that, and is still recovering. I should have delayed it until about now, when the air is cooler and not so arid. It is my favorite species of palm, but unfortunately, does not do so well here. Although it likes water, it prefers well drained soil, and warm and dry summers. It lives in oasis in the Mojave Desert. It is shorter but stouter than the more common Mexican fan palm.

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