Time to relax?


Summer has made an appearance here in the UK but is it time to sit back, relax and enjoy my garden after long months of work? In this video I explore what summer does to my garden and whether I can slow down to relax.

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  1. tonytomeo says:

    If you get to relax in the garden, you are not gardening properly.

    1. tonytomeo says:

      Okay, it makes more sense now.
      Do you find that scarlet runner beans are appealing enough to work as a seasonal ‘ornamental’? The foliage looks lush enough. Are the flowers prolific enough to be concerned about what color they are? Scarlet runner bean with scarlet flowers is all that is commonly available here, but I had considered getting a cultivar that blooms white. I will not bother with it if the flowers are not very showy anyway. Heck, I don’t know. Seed is cheap, and the plants are perennial. I may just get the white sort anyway. It just seems to me that the scarlet scarlet runner beans are more traditional. Do you know if any particular cultivar is more productive than another?
      Your cole crops look nice for summer. Ours must finish in spring and get put out again for autumn, but do not like the warmth of summer.

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