Keeping Garden Costs Down

We hope the world will return to something close to normal soon, but the financial legacy of the pandemic will be with us for a while yet in the form of increased costs. The rising costs will affect us in the garden, and anything requiring transportation or storage will cost more as fuel costs increase….

Garden Chickens

We introduced chickens to our back garden just under a year ago, and it’s time to start including them on my YouTube channel. Recently, they have been unwanted guests in the chicken run, so I will try to sort that out in this episode.

February Tasks 2022

February has been here for a couple of weeks, and we are heading towards spring. There are still things to do while the weather is cold, and most plants lay dormant, waiting for the ground to warm. February is usually a month of chilly mornings, hard frosts, and gloomy days; not much will germinate in…

Making the most of January sun

So far, January has been kind to gardeners who want to spend time outside. Each weekend has so far delivered sunny and relatively warm days. Winter in the East of England can be pretty unpredictable, so using these sunny days is essential so winter tasks can be done, especially those that benefit from less foliage….

The Start of a New Year

2022 is here, and it is a start of a new gardening season. It’s time to get on with plans for the year and start as I mean to go on.

Reflecting on 2021 and looking to 2022

2021 2021, like the year before, was disrupted by COVID-19, lockdowns and supply shortages but not by building work. This was the first growing season since our extension was completed allowing me to start seeing the space I will develop over the coming years. The Garden I have started to segment my front and back…


Earlier this year, I was happily forking over some soil when I misjudged the direction of my fork and made a good attempt at impaling my foot. Luckily my boots were strong enough to take the hit and protect my toes, but they were no longer waterproof due to a new hole. The hole was…

Autumn Video

Autumn has arrived and its getting cooler. Autumn provides a time for reflection, planning and keeping up with tasks.

Holkham Hall Walled Gardens

Walled gardens have been a staple of large British stately homes for hundreds of years.  In times when storing and transporting food was not easy, it was down to these households to produce the food they would eat and also the medicines they took to treat ill health.  While walled gardens can trace their heritage…